High-throughput single-cell sequencing system

MobiNova® high-throughput single-cell sequencing technology consists of two platforms, MobiNova®-100 for the samples from animals and plants and MobiNova®-M1 for the samples from microbes. The MobiNova®-100 platform is compatible with MobiCube® kits for high-throughput single-cell transcriptome, immune (VDJ), epigenetic, and protein profiling. MobiNova®-M1 is the first-ever high-throughput single-microbe sequencing platform at strain-level resolution, which can be used to discover new strains, examine horizontal gene transfer (HGT) between strains, and study host-phage association mechanisms.

Single Cell System

MobiNova-100 Single Cell System utilizes patented barcoding and microfluidic technologies to achieve reliable single cell partitioning and effective cell capture in minutes. MobiNova-100 thus can provide efficient, cost-effective, and high-throughput single-cell multiomic analyses to profile tens of thousands cells in a single run.

  •  ~60%

    High Capture Rate

  •  <5%

    Low Multiplet Rate

  • 1-4 sample

    High-throughput Sampling

  • 6 min

    Fast Experiment

  • High-throughput

    Profile up to tens of thousands of single cells per run.

  • Flexible

    Handle 1 to 4 samples per test.

  • Precise

    Achieve high capture rates and low multiplet rates.

  • Easy-to-use

    Complete a test in a highly portable instrument within 6 minutes.


MobiDrop develops revolutionary gel beads and an advanced microfluidic system that enables the barcoding of tens of thousands cells within minutes, providing flexible, high-throughput, and easy-to-use solutions for life sciences, drug development and precision medicine. 

Versatile Sample Prep

Ranging from live cells, to frozen tissues, and to FFPE samples

Single Cell Sequencing Workflow

  • Sample Preparation
    Obtaining high-quality single-cell suspension from various sample types

  • Library Construction
    Completeing cell encapsulation, partitioning, and barcoding using patented MobiSeq technologies

  • Single-Cell Sequencing
    Obtaining libraries compatible for various downstream NGS sequencing platforms such as Illumina sequencers

  • Data Analysis
    MobiVision software provideing easy-to-use and informative data visualization and interpretation

MobiVision Software

MobiVision software provides fast, easy-to-use, and informative approaches for data visualization and interpretation from FASTQ files.

  • STEP 1

    Barcode & UMI Identification

  • STEP 2

    Quality Control

  • STEP 3

    Data Normalization

  • STEP 4

    Data Quantification

  • STEP 5

    Count Matrix Generation

  • STEP 6

    Data Visualization