MobiCube® Single Cell Immune Profiling Kits

MobiCube® Single Cell Immune Profiling Kits are suitable for human,mouse, rabbit and other speciesand can beused in conjunction withthe MobiNova® -100 high-throughput single-cell sequencing library system to quickly complete the construction of 5 ’transcriptome libraries and TCR & BCR libraries for up to tens of thousands of single cells. MobiDrop exclusively launched the Rabbit Single-Cell V(D)JKit to meet more usage scenarios.

The kit contains molecular tagmicrospheres for single-cell nucleic acidcapture, microfluidic chips, reverse transcription amplification reagents ,transcriptome library amplification reagents, and TCR & BCR library amplification reagents to fully meet theneeds of 5’transcriptome library construction and TCR & BCR library construction.

Data Demonstration

Experimental Procedures And Principles