High-throughput Single-cell Epigenomics MobiChIP™ Kit

High-throughput single-cell epigenomics technology MobiChIP™ is a research technique developed by MobiDrop, which is based on droplet microfluidics and has the characteristics of high throughput, ultra-high resolution, and ultra-specificity. It can analyze gene regulatory sites at the single-cell level. This technology recognizes the binding sites of proteins and DNA by antibodies and PA-Tn5 enzymes, and targets and cuts DNA molecules. Through droplet microfluidic technology, individual cells that have been treated are wrapped in an oil-water structure, and DNA fragments and labeled DNA molecules are captured with microspheres labeled with cell markers to sequence the protein-DNA binding sites. This technology establishes a stable technical platform for a deeper understanding of gene epigenetic regulation

6 Standard antibodies

Standard antibodies :6 commonly used antibodies have been verified, which can meet 70% of research needs

Customization:Providing antibody verification solutions to meet personalized research needs


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