Position:FAS Technical Support

Place:Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Beijing │ Salary:Negotiable │ number:1 | Education: │ Release Time:2023-07-03 
Job description:

1. Responsible for on-site and off-site pre-sale and after-sale technical support and service of target customers' single-cell sequencing instruments, reagents and service products;

2. Cooperate with the sales department to do the installation experiment design DEMO and after-sales work, ensure the smooth installation and do a good job in the technical service for a certain period of time after installation to improve the user experience;

3. Do a good job of technical training for customers, so that they can quickly understand the performance and characteristics of single-cell sequencer, shorten the learning curve, and achieve the smooth application goal;

4. Summarized product requirements through end-customer information collection, peer research and communication with experts, and participated in the R&D team's new product development and application to maintain customer relations;

5. Maintain key customers together with the sales team, complete and maintain the sales increase of existing customers and develop new target customers and application scenarios.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in molecular biology, medicine, engineering or related field;

2. 2 years of experience in molecular biology experiments, experience in single cell sequencing is preferred;

3. Customer-oriented, able to work under pressure and solve problems independently;

4. Good communication skills, teamwork and service awareness.

Fringe benefits: