heavy debut MobiDrop and Illumina Joint Test Data Released

Editor:MobiDrop (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-06-28 

Recently, the joint test data of MobiDrop and Illumina was released on the official website of Illumina, which is another deepening cooperation between Illumina and MobiDrop, and it is also the first time that MobiDrop Bio has jointly released test data with a third party. To ensure the accuracy and objectivity of the test results, the test was completed at the designated third-party sequencing service provider in strict compliance with the experimental specifications and procedures, and verified the stable and reliable data performance of MobiNova®-100 single cell library platform on NovaSeq™ 6000 sequencing platform in terms of cell capture rate, sequencing quality and gene  detection. The  MobiCube®  high-throughput  single-cell  3'  transcriptome  kit  has achieved a median gene count of 2000 or more in all types of samples. This data release is available   at   BaseSpace™   Sequence   Hub   (BSSH),   click   on   the   link   to   view: https://basespace.illumina.com/datacentral.


The official website of Illumina publishes information on the collaboration test with MobiDrop


Single-cell  sequencing  amplifies  and  sequences  the  transcriptome  or  genome  at  the individual cell level to examine single-cell data in genomic transcriptomics, epigenomics, and proteomics across multiple histologies. It is used to detect cell specificity and intercellular differences, to explore the way cells work together, and to study tissue heterogeneity. The MobiNova high-throughput single-cell platform includes MobiNova® -100, which can be adapted to MobiCube® high-throughput single-cell 3' /5' transcriptome kit, V(D)J kit, ChIP-seq kit, CITE-seq for high-throughput single-cell transcriptome, immunome, epigenome, and proteome  studies,   respectively.  The   kits  are   used  for   high -throughput  single-cell transcriptomic, immunomic, epigenomic, and proteomic studies. We have also developed MobiVision®  Bioconfidence Analysis Software, which covers the entire process from single cell library construction to bioconfidence analysis, and the libraries are compatible with all Illumina  sequencing  platforms  (NextSeq™  550/1000/2000  and  NovaSeq™  6000/X  are recommended).


MobiDrop Bio single cell platform library build workflow and data quality control report


This test truly and objectively demonstrates the excellent performance of the MobiNova®-100 single-cell platform in combination with the NovaSeq™ 6000 sequencing platform, with the stable and high quality data of the MobiNova® -100 and the flexibility and scalability of the NovaSeq™ 6000. Thanks to the cooperation and support from the global and Chinese teams of Illumina, we hope that through the cooperation between MobiNova and Illumina, we will continue to optimize the whole process from library construction, up-sequencing to data analysis, broaden more sequencing application scenarios, and provide comprehensive and excellent solutions for clinical and scientific users.


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Illumina is committed to improving human health by driving and inspiring the development of genomics, and in 2023, Illumina celebrates its 25th anniversary. 25 years of innovation have made us a global leader in gene sequencing and microarray technology, and we provide professional services to customers in research, clinical and applied markets worldwide. Our products are used in a wide range of life sciences, oncology, reproductive health, agriculture and other emerging fields. For more information, please visit www.illumina.com.cn or follow Illumina on WeChat.

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Founded in Boston, USA and located in Zhejiang, China, MobiDrop is a group of outstanding talents consisting of international top scientists and executives from multinational medical device  companies. We are committed to empowering scientific research and precision medicine with innovative microfluidic and single-cell sequencing technologies. It has become a leader in research+IVD solutions with key technologies such as microfluidics, sequencing, biochemistry, hardware development, and bioconferencing, and has launched a dual technology platform for single-cell sequencing and digital PCR, developing in parallel in multiple fields such as liquid biopsy, companion diagnostics, and life science research.