Abioscene and MobiNova launch MobiAnalyzer™ single cell data analysis software

Editor:MobiDrop (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-06-28 


MobiAnalyzer™ , a single-cell data analysis software for the MobiNova®-100 platform, is a joint effort between Abiosciences and Mobidrop to provide single-cell sequencing services from experiment to data analysis. The software provides a mouse-operated graphical interface for Windows, allowing researchers to easily complete the entire process of single-cell data analysis and obtain publication-quality graphical results without the need for coding.

MobiNova® provides highly stable, high-quality, cost-effective single-cell products that are widely recognized for their ability to significantly reduce the cost of single-cell sequencing. Its MobiNova®-100 platform will be equipped with single cell (nuclear) transcriptomic, immunomic and ChIP-seq multi-omics solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

Through in-depth understanding of the market demand, Abiosciences has developed a one-stop data analysis solution that meets the needs of customers and collaborated with MobiNova to launch MobiAnalyzer™ , a one-stop single-cell data analysis software.


Zero-code environment

Operate at the click of a button on Windows

    One-stop shop

One-stop solution from raw data processing to publication level result generation


Local computer online analysis, no data uploading to ensure data security

    Efficient and flexible

Each analysis module contains multiple algorithms, and each parameter can be flexibly adjusted

This cooperation mainly relies on the OmniAnalyzer® Pro analysis software that has been released by Abiosciences to develop a module that can effectively interface with the single-cell downstream data generated by MobiNova®-100 platform. In addition, the two companies will use single-cell sequencing technology to jointly initiate large-scale collaborative projects in the field of single-cell research, using single-cell sequencing and other cutting-edge technologies to help human health research.



About Abiosciences

Founded in 2018, Abiosciences is a life science and technology company with a global vision, committed to fully applying its single-cell mechanistic research platform and bioinformatics big data/AI platform to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other major human diseases, fully utilizing its strong research capabilities, own platform and data to create accurate cellular maps of human diseases, find breakthrough disease diagnosis and we are committed to creating accurate cellular profiles of human diseases, finding breakthrough diagnostic and therapeutic targets, and developing disruptive therapies.

Currently, the company provides leading single-cell multi-omics sequencing, customized bioinformatics analysis, bioinformatics visualization platform, therapeutic target and biomarker mining and other technical services and full process solutions for life science and medical researchers. The company has established partnerships with more than 300 hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes in the past 4 years since its establishment, and currently supports customers to publish 16 high-quality articles with a total impact factor of over 540 and an average impact factor of 33.8 per article, including international high-level journals such as Cell, Science, Cancer Cell, Cell Discovery and Gut.



About Mobidrop

Founded in Boston, USA, and located in Zhejiang, China, Mobidrop Bio is a group of talented individuals consisting of top international scientists and executives from multinational medical device companies. Mobidrop is committed to empowering scientific research and precision medicine with innovative microfluidics and single-cell sequencing  technologies. It has become a leader in research+IVD solutions with key technologies such as microfluidics, sequencing, biochemistry, hardware development, and bio-conferencing, and has launched a dual technology platform for single-cell sequencing and digital PCR, developing in parallel in multiple fields such as liquid biopsy, companion diagnostics, and life science research.