Strategic Cooperation | MobiDrop Biotech and Single-cell Biotech Partner to Create a New Chapter of Single Cell

Editor:MobiDrop (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-02-17 


On February 17, 2023, MobiDrop Biotechnology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "MobiDrop Biotech") and Qingdao Single-cell Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Single-cell Biotech") announced that they have reached a strategic cooperation and held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at MobiDrop Biotech's headquarters. Based on their respective technical advantages in the field of single-cell multi-omics, the two parties will jointly innovate, develop and promote products and applications based on single-cell technology, and promote the wide application of single-cell related technologies in scientific research, clinical, microbiology and other directions.


Dr. Ma Bo, co-founder and chairman of Single-cell Biotech, and Dr. Liu Han, founder and COO of MobiDrop Biotech, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties, and Dr. Jian Xu, co-founder of Single-cell Biotech, Dr. Wenshan Zheng, founder and CTO of MobiDrop Biotech, Jun Xu, sales director of MobiDrop Biotech, and Dr. Qing Yan, medical director of MobiDrop Biotech, witnessed the signing ceremony.


Researcher Ma Bo, co-founder and chairman of Single-cell Bio, said:

MobiDrop Bio has profound accumulation of microfluidic and single-cell technologies, and continues to deepen its technology and empower its products to develop one-stop high-throughput single-cell multi-omics sequencing solutions with high cost performance. It also provides the market with an excellent product for microbial single-cell sequencing, MobiMicrobe, which coincides with Single-cell's philosophy of insisting on originality and continuous innovation. This strategic cooperation will utilize the leading edge of Single-cell's products in Ramanome analysis and single-cell Raman sorting, combined with MobiMicrobe's strong innovative capability in high-throughput genome and transcriptome sequencing, to jointly establish "metabolic function-targeted high-throughput single-cell multi-omics" instrumentation system and system solutions.

Dr. Han Liu, Founder and COO of MobiDrop, said:

We are very pleased to enter into this strategic cooperation with Single-cell Bio, which has developed an innovative "Ramanomics" based assay platform that greatly improves the value and efficiency of current single-cell multi-omics data. Its unique single-cell Raman-coupled sequencing technology (scRACS-Seq), single-cell Raman-coupled culture technology (scRACS-Culture), and high-throughput flow Raman analysis and sorting technology (FlowRACS) realize the "screening before feeding" of single-cell metabolic functions, and are useful for the mechanism analysis of human, animal, plant and microbiome, It is of great value for the mechanism analysis of human, plant, animal and microbiome, and the mining of living cells and enzyme resources. The strong alliance between MobiDrop and Single-cell Bio will strengthen the depth of single cell related technology and expand the breadth of the single cell market, and we look forward to making important and far-reaching contributions to building the single cell industry ecosystem together.


About Single-cell Bio

Single-cell Biotech. Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and industrialization of single-cell dimensional medical devices and scientific instruments. We are dedicated to constructing metabolic functions and genomic correlations in single cells (microorganisms, humans, animals and plants) with high precision, and are dedicated to providing original, integrated and comprehensive "single-cell metabolic imaging-sorting-sequencing-culture" solutions for our customers. Based on new principles and original components such as Ramanome, meta-Ramanome, RAGE and pDEP-RADS, we have developed the first "Single Cell Raman Sorting-Sequencing Coupling System" (RACS-Seq®) to overcome the key technical difficulties such as low reliability of Raman separation of single bacterial cells, easy contamination of nucleic acid amplification and uneven coverage of whole genome sequencing. RACS-Seq®), which realizes the instrumentation of the complete process of single cell functional detection, sorting, sequencing and culture of bacterial flora. In response to the urgent clinical need for rapid drug susceptibility testing of microbial infections, we developed the Clinical Single Cell Raman Rapid Drug Susceptibility Tester (CAST-R™), which enables 3-hour microbial identification and quantitative determination of drug susceptibility phenotype of clinical samples, as well as the sequencing (>90% genome coverage) and culture of single clinically resistant E. coli cells after Raman sorting, and has entered the application demonstration of the hospital laboratory department. In addition, we have also launched FlowRACS®, a high-throughput flow type Raman sorter, which can perform non-labeled, single-cell precision, high-throughput sorting of living cells in the flow state, with an international leading throughput of Raman full-spectrum sorting (>500 cells/min); EasySort®, a single-cell microdroplet sorting system, which can carry out precise sorting of active single cells by maintaining the sample in situ. EasySort® is a single-cell microdroplet sorting system that allows for accurate single-cell sorting, sample observation, capture and manipulation, separation and extraction, etc.


About MobiDrop

Founded in Boston, USA and located in Zhejiang, China, MobiDrop is a group of outstanding talents consisting of international top scientists and executives from multinational medical device  companies. We are committed to empowering scientific research and precision medicine with innovative microfluidic and single-cell sequencing technologies. It has become a leader in research+IVD solutions with key technologies such as microfluidics, sequencing, biochemistry, hardware development, and bioconferencing, and has launched a dual technology platform for single-cell sequencing and digital PCR, developing in parallel in multiple fields such as liquid biopsy, companion diagnostics, and life science research.