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With the spread of the Coivid-19 epidemic, there is more and more concern about the immune system. So, can the current hot single-cell sequencing technology be used to study the immune system?

Of course it can.

Following the launch of MobiCube high-throughput single-cell 3' transcriptome kit in April this year, we have a new tool that can better meet the needs of immunology research-MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit, which can simultaneously realize high-throughput single-cell 5' Transcriptome + V(D)J full-length sequencing, Gene expression information and immune cell phenotype of individual cells, you have it all!

V(D)J refers to the gene sequences encoding TCR/BCR molecules on the surface of T/B cells, and different V(D)J sequences allow cells to specifically recognize different antigens. The diversity of V(D)J sequences in our body is as much as 1012  , which provides an important basis for our immune system to recognize various pathogens and maintain our health.

Moreover, if the body is fighting against the invasion of a particular pathogen or malignant cell, the number of V(D)J phenotypes that can specifically recognize the "enemy" will increase rapidly. Therefore, the single-cell transcriptome + V(D)J dual-omics provided by the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit is undoubtedly a "powerful tool" for in-depth analysis of disease and immune mechanisms.


MobiCube High Throughput Single Cell V(D)J Kit Introduction


Provides: single cell transcriptome + full-length VDJ, tens of thousands of cells per sample

MobiCube high-throughput single cell V(D)J kit can capture mRNA from tens of thousands of single cells at one time, and obtain full-length V(D)J sequence information of each T/B cell along with the full gene expression profile of each cell.

The full gene expression profile of a single cell and the full-length V(D)J sequence of a single T/B cell provide a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of the "interactions" between immune cells and the surrounding cells.

Can be used for: any immune-related research

The MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit can be used in a wide range of fields including oncology research, immunotherapy, immune-related diseases, infection-based diseases, and antibody and vaccine development. For example, in antibody development, the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit can be used for rapid screening of neutralizing antibodies; in tumor research, the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit can be used to provide a clearer understanding of the tumor immune microenvironment.

In short, the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit can be used to obtain multi-dimensional high-throughput information of "transcriptome + VDJ sequence" for any research involving immune system, which will advance immune research to a more accurate and efficient era.

Included: Single cell library building reagents, from cell isolation to library construction

MobiCube high-throughput single cell V(D)J kit includes microfluidic chip, 5' transcriptome microsphere reagent, 5' transcriptome reverse transcription reagent, 5' transcriptome library reagent, Dual Index reagent, and TCR/BCR library construction reagent, which can be used to efficiently complete Single cell 5' transcriptome library and single cell TCR/BCR library construction.

Measured Data Performance

Why use MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit? Because it's stable, compatible, and efficient!

Stable -- cell fractionation, captured cell counts, median gene counts, highly repeatable VDJ libraries


MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit continues the excellent quality of MobiNova high-throughput single-cell transcriptome solution with high stability. One PBMC sample was split in two and tested on two MobiNova instruments. The results showed that the cell fractionation maps of the two experiments were highly overlapping, with a captured cell count of 8798 and 8435, and a median gene count of 1458 and 1503, respectively.


The results of VDJ data analysis also showed that the TCR and BCR enrichment effects of the two groups tested were highly reproducible, while the α and β strand pairing rate of TCR and the heavy and light strand pairing rate of BCR both reached over 80%.

Compatible -- good results even with 2000 cells

High-throughput single-cell platforms do not perform well at low cell loading volumes, which has been a problem for customers with post-flow sorting samples and rare cell types. MobiDrop has developed the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit along with a comprehensive upgrade of the system.

Gradient testing of cell capture rates for cell inputs of 2000-20,000 showed that cell capture rates were maintained at a stable 40%-60%. When the cell input is as low as 2000-5000, the cell capture rate is also stable at over 40%.


High efficiency -- Combined TCR library and BCR library construction, reducing 75 pipetting operations and saving labor cost

High-throughput single-cell experiments are complex, and in conventional experimental processes, TCR and BCR library builds need to be performed separately when cDNA synthesis is completed and then V(D)J library builds are performed.


By optimizing the enrichment procedure in multiple dimensions, MobiDrop can place TCR and BCR enrichment primers in one PCR reaction system, and realize the combined library construction of TCR and BCR libraries.

By combining libraries, each sample will have 2 times less PCR enrichment, 4 times less fragment purification, 1 time less library quality control, 1 time less library quantification, and 75 times less pipetting operations, which can reduce nearly half of the library construction labor and reagent costs.


Intelligent acceleration -- halve the analysis time of raw letters


After completing experiments with MobiCube high-throughput single cell V(D)J kit, the 5' transcriptome data and V(D)J library data obtained from sequencing can be analyzed with the new version of MobiVision Bioconfidence Analysis Software.

In order to provide a better data analysis experience, the analysis process of MobiVision has been further optimized. For a 64G memory configuration, MobiVision can generate matrix and QC reports for 500M reads of 5' transcriptome data in less than 2 hours, which is half the time of other similar software.


Currently, high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kits on the market can only implement products for single-cell V(D)J in human and mouse, and the need for high-throughput single-cell V(D)J studies for other model species such as rabbit has not been addressed.

MobiDrop will launch MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kits for rabbits after the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kits for human and mouse are available, welcome your attention!


Focus on products Listening to needs

On April 15, 2022, MobiNova-100 single-cell sequencing and library building system was released, and MobiCube high-throughput single-cell transcriptome kit was launched simultaneously.

MobiMicrob-seq high-throughput single-cell microbial genome sequencing technology, MobiSolution tissue preservation kit, MobiSolution lyophilization kit, and MobiSolution tissue dissociation kit followed, further broadening Metso's single-cell solutions.

Up to now, MobiNova single cell transcriptome solution has been tested in 100+ units with 1000+ samples. With its remarkable advantages such as high stability and high cost performance, MobiNova has been widely recognized by many well-known laboratories and head single-cell sequencing service providers in China.


In addition to the MobiCube high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit, MobiNova will also launch MobiCube high-throughput single-cell transcriptome kit 2.0 and single-cell epigenomics research kit shortly. Stay tuned for more multi-omics products!


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