Good news! MobiDrop was ranked in the "2023 Future Healthcare 100" list

Editor:MobiDrop (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2023-06-28 

Recently, the 7th Future Healthcare 100 Conference, hosted by and themed "No Questions Asked", was successfully held, during which the "2023 Future Healthcare 100" list, which  has  attracted  much  attention  in  the  industry,  was  released. With  its  dedication, innovation and outstanding potential in life science research and precision medicine, MobiDrop was ranked among the main list and was honored as one of the "2023 Future Medical 100- Top 100 Innovative Medical Devices in China". Dr. Han Liu, Founder and COO of  MobiDrop, attended the award ceremony and received the award on  behalf of the company.


Founded in 2015, the "Future Medical 100" is known as the "wind vane" of the medical industry. The list is the first list of innovative medical field for non-listed companies in China, aiming to select Chinese innovative medical players who truly represent the future of medical care, discover the core strength of China's future medical industry, and promote the process of innovative changes in the health care industry. It is the most popular annual selection in the field of life and health industry and capital sector.

It is reported that this year's list covers 5 main lists, the list of listed companies' innovation, and 3 awards, namely Orange Award, Welan Award and Value Field Award. Among them, "China Innovative Medical Devices Top 100" is the authoritative list in this field.


After more than 4 months of collection, more than 250 companies have submitted their applications for the main list of this year's Top 100 by means of enterprise self-declaration, institutional recommendation and targeted research. The selection is based on the VB100 value assessment model. Through the process of enterprise self-declaration, VB100 review, cross-evaluation by supporting organizations and final review by the expert committee, innovative enterprises ranked TOP 100 in valuation from each of the five major fields (medical device/biomedical/digital healthcare/medical services/business and supply chain services) are selected. In addition to the valuation, the growth and annual performance of the candidates will be examined in the four primary indicators of human resources, knowledge resources, key partner resources, and market performance, with a total of 17 secondary indicators. The inclusion in the "2023 Future Healthcare 100" list demonstrates the innovative vitality and development potential of MobiDrop in the field of advanced life science tools.


As a cutting-edge technology in life sciences, high-throughput single-cell sequencing has shown great potential in various fields of biomedical research and continues to empower the high-quality development of biomedical industry. With a deep reserve of advanced microfluidic technology, MobiDrop Bio has established multiple technology platforms including

multi-omics cross-platform single-cell sequencing solutions, digital PCR solutions, and singl-cell sorting solutions.

As a leader in the field of single-cell technology, MobiDrop Bio has been actively exploring the application of high-throughput single-cell sequencing technology in a number of innovative research applications in histology, and has made pioneering work in epigenetics  and proteomics in addition to its existing transcriptome and full-length VDJ products. Among them, based on the original Microbe-seq technology published in Science by MobiDrop's founding team, the company launched the world's first commercial microbe-single-cell  platform, leading microbial research into the high-throughput single-cell era.

Up to now, MobiNova® has been widely recognized by many famous laboratories and head single-cell sequencing service providers in China.

In the future, MobiNova® will continue to uphold the mission of "serving human health with life sciences", continue to promote independent innovation, work together with customers and partners to promote the innovation and healthy development of China's medical and health care industry, and make new contributions to the cause of human health.


Information source: Artery Network



About MobiDrop

Founded in Boston, USA and located in Zhejiang, China, MobiDrop is a group of outstanding talents consisting of international top scientists and executives from multinational medical device  companies. We are committed to empowering scientific research and precision medicine with innovative microfluidic and single-cell sequencing technologies. It has become a leader in research+IVD solutions with key technologies such as microfluidics, sequencing, biochemistry, hardware development, and bioconferencing, and has launched a dual technology platform for single-cell sequencing and digital PCR, developing in parallel in multiple fields such as liquid biopsy, companion diagnostics, and life science research.