Third-Generation PCR

MobiGaea All-in-One Digital PCR

State-of-the-art Microfluidic Technologies

  • 3 in 1

    All-in-One System

  • 570*300*310mm

    Portable equipment

  • 0.0001%

    High Sensitivity

  • 30min

    Fast experiment

A highly automated and integrated system

MobiGaea provides a highly automated and integrated system that greatly reduces the workforce while increasing detection efficiency and batch-to-batch consistency.

10+ times faster speed enabled by high sensitivity

MobiGaea generates about 1,000,000 droplets for each sample, enabling superb sensitivity that surpasses similar products on the market (about 20,000 droplets per sample) by at least one order of magnitude. Such high sensititvity allows fast detection, which can be completed within 30 minutes.

Closed System

Compared to the separated instruments for ddPCR sytems on the market, MobiGaea's all-in-one closed system provides excellent stability and contamination resistance.