Single-Cell System

MobiNova®-100 utilizes world-leading droplet microfluidics to generate hundreds of thousands of droplets per run. The system represents an end-to-end top-notch solution for automatic cell encapsulation, cell lysis and RNA capture, is applicable to a variety of sample types.

Top-notch droplet microfluidic technologies to ensure the highest single cell capture rate (up to 70%) and the lowest multiplet rate (<5%), i. e. to the best extent one cell and one bead are encapsulated in one droplet.


Turnkey Solution

  • One-key operation
  • One-key upgrade with on-site support

Rapid Profiling

  • 4 samples in 6 minutes
  • Excellent data reproducibility
  • Minimum batch effect


  • End-to-end solution for the entire workflow
  • Median gene per cell detected up to 5000

Stellar Performance

  • Multiplet rate<5%
  • 500-20,000 cells captured per channel
  • Cell capture rate up to 70%

Product Specifications

1~4 samples per run
Cell diameter
Cell viability
Cell capture rate
Up to 70%
Multiplet rate
<5%/10000 cells
Number of cells captured
500-20000 cells captured per channel
Number of genes detected
Up to 5000 genes per cell
run time
6 minutes
Instrument weight
8 kg
Instrument dimensions
Electrical requirement
110~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating Environment
15℃~30℃, and 15%~80% humidity