About UsMobiDrop is a microfluidics-enabled innovator in life sciences and precision medicine.

MobiDrop is a comprehensive solution provider in the field of biology, specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of instruments, chips, reagents, and bioinformatics software. Based on its core technology, microfluidics, MobiDrop has developed three major platforms: high-throughput single-cell sequencing for eukaryotes, single-cell sequencing for prokaryotes, and single-cell sorting.

The company's founding team comes from Harvard University, and its research and operations teams have decades of experience in multinational corporations. Additionally, MobiDrop has world-class scientists and industry experts serving as advisors.

MobiDrop is committed to becoming a leading provider of solutions in the fields of life sciences, precision medicine, and agriculture and forestry breeding.

  • Jiaxing, China: The Global Headquarter for R&D and Production

    Jiaxing, China: The Global Headquarter for R&D and Production

    Headquartered in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China, Mobidrop has more than 4,000 square meters of office, laboratory and factory space, including P2 cell culture labs, PCR amplification labs, and an 800 square-meter GMP manufacturing plant. Since its establishment, the company has owned more than 30 independent intellectual property rights, including 15 exclusive patents granted by Harvard University.

  • Boston, USA: The Center for Global Innovation and Business Development

    Boston, USA: The Center for Global Innovation and Business Development

    The Center for Global Innovation and Business Development is located at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. The mission of the center is to closely collaborate with Harvard University in research and to expand the company's global collaborations and business.

  • Shanghai, China: Innovation Center

    Shanghai, China: Innovation Center

    Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City, with a total area of 1,050 square meters and 5 clean labs, the Shanghai Innovation Center is dedicated to building a multifunctional center for R&D and business promotion in advanced life-science research tools.

Executive Team

MobiDrop is led by world-class scientists, engineers, and executives.

  • Dr. Hao Pei, Founder & CEO
    Dr. Hao Pei, Founder & CEO

    PhD, Harvard University

    With a strong expertise in microfluidics, IVD products, and business management

  • Dr. Wenshan Zheng, founder & CTO
    Dr. Wenshan Zheng, founder & CTO

    PhD, Harvard University

    With a strong expertise in microfluidics-enabled single cell multiomics

  • Dr. Han Liu Founder & COO
    Dr. Han Liu Founder & COO

    PhD, Harvard University

    Experienced entrepreneur with strong scientific and business background, 12 years of healthcare industry experience spanning various functions in founding/growing companies. EM at McKinsey&Company, product director in Clarify health silicon valley. 

  • David Weitz
    David Weitz,Chief Scientific Advisor

    Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics and of Applied Physics, Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University.

  • Mike Kopczynski 顾问
    Mike Kopczynski

    Advisory Board Member

    Senior Vice President of Life Technologies


  • 2022

    • April | Launched MobiNova®-100 High-throughput Single-Cell Sequencing System

    • June | Published the first-ever high-throughput single-microbe sequencing technique “Microbe-seq” in Science

    • July | Completed round A+ fundraising (near 100 million RMB)

    • September | Initiated R&D and business centers in Jiaxing and Shanghai

    • August to October | Signed strategic cooperations with multiple top-tier research service providers in China

    • December | Recognized as the “Potential Unicorn Company” by GEI, launched MobiCube® high-throughput single-cell V(D)J kit
  • 2021

    • January | Signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading single-cell sequencing service providers in China

    • February | Established a joint R&D center for single-cell sequencing with Tongji University

    • April | Obtained the first medical device certificate from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

    • May |  Launched the production base at Wuzhen

  • 2020

    • January | Signed R&D collaboration agreements with the Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital and the Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center

    • May | Signed a R&D collaboration framework with the Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    • August | Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Wuzhen government and established MobiDrop (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd.

    • October | Received tens of millions of pre-A funding

    • November | Earned the top reward from the 2020 Tongxiang Leading Elite Program with the project of “Microfluidic Biological Detection Chips”

    • December | Released the first-generation all-in-one digital PCR system

  • 2019

    • March | Developed innovative all-in-one digital RCR microfluidic chip "MobiChip"

    • October | Developed MobiDrop single-cell sequencing prototype protocol 

  • 2018

    • May | Founded at Harvard University

    • August | Esteblished MobiDrop (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. officially

    • September | Received seed funding 


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