MobiNova®-100 Single Cell System

MobiNova-100 Single Cell System utilizes patented barcoding and microfluidic technologies to achieve reliable single cell partitioning and effective cell capture in minutes. MobiNova-100 thus can provide efficient, cost-effective, and high-throughput single-cell multiomic analyses to profile tens of thousands cells in a single run.

About MobiNova® Single Cell System
Single Cell Sequencing Solutions

MobiNova®-M1 Microbial single-cell genome sequencing and library preparation system

The MobiNova®-M1’s Microbe-seq integrates advanced microfluidic and barcoding technologies to resolve high-quality genomes from microbial communities at the unprecedented strain level without the loss of detection resolution or species applicability, enabling microbial research to enter the single-cell era.

heavy debut MobiDrop and Illumina Joint Test Data Released
heavy debut MobiDrop and Illumina Joint Test Data Released

Recently, the joint test data of MobiDrop and Illumina was released on the official website of Illumina, which is another deepening cooperation between Illumina and MobiDrop, and it is also the first


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